- Turist point in SALVADOR/BA the lighthouse of st. Antony better known as the barra lighthouse was opened TO the public, for the first time in history,in may 2011. With the liberatid visits tourist and locals canclimb the spiral (equivalent TO seven floors). The lighthouse works with french machinery (120 years) every day the ligthouse turns on the light at sunset and off in the morning. The light can CE see GO kilometers, guiding slips. The top of lighthouse you can see the atlantic ocean at 360 degrees. Considered the oldest lighthouse in america the lighthouse is past of the nautical museun. Next toit, also has bears shopping, beach, restaurants parties and hotel the light of barra is past of one of the most beautifull postcard of the city. People really like the place, and turist like TO also know the carnival in the summers of bahia

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    turists point in Salvador/Ba

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