Wordpress Consultant, Full-Time Freelancer

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Vila Mariana,   São Paulo  -  SP

David Maillard

Meus Serviços

  • Marketing Online
  • Criação de Logos
  • Desenvolvimento de sites e sistemas
  • Web Design
  • Edição de Fotos
  • Produção gráfica

Since 2012, I have been focused on creating bespoke experiences on WordPress projects ranging from design, development, maintenance and related services.

I'm Belgian, 36 years-old living in São Paulo, speaking French, English and Portuguese.

With countless happy customers, you're in safe hands. But before we start, I'd love to have a Video Chat with you to discuss your goals/expectations and to make sure we're a good fit together. Unsure about your needs? Let’s start by a small Discovery Project to deep dive into your particular situation and available solutions.

Fields of Expertise:

  • Web Design,
  • Web Development WordPress-focused,
  • eCommerce Solutions by WooCommerce,
  • Responsive design,
  • Performance analysis and optimisation,
  • Strategic Partnerships like AWS, Rackspace or WP Engine,
  • Geek stuff: PHP, MySQL, CSS and more.


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